an announcement.

considering I haven’t really updated in months, it’s probably clear that I’m not using this blog anymore.

however, I have been working on some other things, and while it is still in the works / in the process of being figured out, you can now join me over at THE LEMON GENERATION if you want to. 

thanks for everyone who stuck around for this one. let’s try something new.



Sold this bad boy today… (Taken with Instagram)


Here’s my night:

Went to TIFF and saw ‘What Maisie Knew’,

then I met Alexander Skarsgard and we shook hands.

I told him I thought he was pretty cool and he laughed and said 

"haha, cool."


"Things I said" versus "cooler things I wish I said instead.”

"Still, it’s hard to be made a cynic at twenty."

"I was born one," Amory murmured. "I’m a cynical idealist."

He paused and wondered if that meant anything.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise
d e a d.

Now I understand why people need wine at night.

Angela’s words of wisdom, on working in retail

I think

the biggest joke I’ve ever played on the world is the fact that I work in fashion retail while my own wardrobe pretty much consists of flannels and band shirts and like three pairs of pants.

Movie night… My favorite character.